Monday, November 22, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

When it comes to the Cowboys, nobody knows what's going to happen. There is no way to make any connections to the front office because the entire executive staff has the last name Jones. Since Jerry Jones has spent all of his time in Dallas and doesn't have a GM, the only connection possible is former Cowboys assistants or former players. Who knows what will happen, so as we go into the mind of Jerry Jones, the coaching tree has come up with three potential replacements:

Jason Garrett is the Cowboys' interim head coach after Wade Phillips was fired. If Garrett can finish the last half of the season strong and keep the team together down the stretch, he will be strongly considered to remain as the head coach permanently.

  • Cowboys' offensive coordinator since 2007
  • Spent seven seasons as backup QB in Dallas (1993-1999)

Les Miles is the head coach at LSU. He is in his sixth season in Baton Rouge, compiling a record of 61-16* including one national championship. "The Mad Hatter" has the big personality that would fit in nicely in Big D, but while his job security looks stable for the near future at LSU, the same can never be said for the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
*record at LSU as of 11/22/10

  • TE coach for the Cowboys from 1999-2001

Deion Sanders

Will Deion Sanders be the next Cowboys head coach? No. But it's fun to think about isn't it? Bringing "Primetime" back as a coach would be something that Jerry Jones would love because it would bring in more and more attention. The only problem is that Deion has never been a coach. He lobbied for the Atlanta Falcons job back in 2003, but has done nothing to make a resume as a coach. Who knows, maybe he would be a good coach, but first he would have to swallow his pride and take a position coaching job in the college ranks before he can think about becoming an NFL head coach.

  • Played cornerback for the Cowboys from 1995-99
  • Mentored current Cowboy WR Dez Bryant, causing Bryant to be suspended for most of his final college season.

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