Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boston College Offensive Coordinator

Gary Tranquill has retired as offensive coordinator at Boston College after two years. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Joe Moorhead - ex-Connecticut Offensive Coordinator
  • Offensive coordinator at Akron in 2007 and '08 after joining the Zips staff in 2004 as WR coach. Mike Dawson was the LB coach at Akron from 2006-08.
  • Graduate assistant at Pitt in 1998 and '99. Bill McGovern was the DB coach at Pitt from 1997-99 and Mike Dawson was also a GA with Moorhead in '99.

Warren Ruggiero - Bowling Green Offensive Coordinator
  • QB coach at Kansas State in 2008, where he worked with Dave Brock, who was the Wildcats' offensive coordinator.
  • QB coach at Hofstra in 2000 and '01 before becoming the offensive coordinator in 2002. Brock was the OC at Hofstra from 2000-01 before leaving for Temple.

Rob Spence - Temple Wide Receivers Coach
  • Offensive coordinator at Hofstra from 1997-99, where Dave Brock was his WR coach.
  • QB coach at Holy Cross in 1991, where he worked with Bill McGovern, who was the team's defensive backs coach.

Matt Griffin - Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Assistant
  • Recruiting coordinator at Maine from 1999-2002. Jeff Comissiong was an assistant at Maine from 2000-05 and Ben Sirmans was the RB coach there from 1996-99.

Other names in consideration: Walt Harris, California (PA); Doug Martin, ex-Kent State; Mike Groh, Louisville.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Alabama Wide Receivers Coach

Curt Cignetti has left Alabama to become head coach at Indiana University in Pennsylvania. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Charlie Baggett - Tennessee Wide Receivers Coach
  • Miami Dolphins WR coach in 2005 and '06, when Nick Saban was the head coach.
  • Coached at Michigan State from 1983-92 and again from 1995-98. During that time, he spent time on staff with Saban and Bobby Williams.

Adam Gase - Denver Broncos Quarterbacks Coach
  • Was a scout for the Detroit Lions in 2003 and '04. Bobby Williams was the Lions WR coach in 2003.
  • Graduate assistant at LSU from 2000-02, when Saban was the Tigers' head coach.
  • Student assistant at Michigan State from 1996-99 under Saban. He also worked with Bobby Williams, who coached the Spartan running backs.

Lance Taylor - New York Jets Offensive Assistant
  • Graduate assistant at Alabama in 2008.
  • Played receiver for the Tide from 2000-03.

Tony Ball - Georgia Wide Receivers Coach
  • Louisville WR coach from 1995-97, where he was on staff with Sal Sunseri, who coached linebackers.

Georgia Offensive Line Coach

Stacy Searels has left Georgia to join Mack Brown's staff at Texas. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Brad Scott - ex-Clemson Offensive Line Coach
  • Offensive coordinator at Florida State from 1990-93 after starting as a graduate assistant for the Seminoles in 1983 before being promoted to tight ends coach in '85. Mark Richt was an assistant at FSU from 1985-88 and again as QB coach from 1990-93 before taking over as offensive coordinator when Scott left to become head coach at South Carolina.

Dave Johnson - ex-West Virginia Offensive Line Coach
  • Tight ends coach at Georgia under Mark Richt from 2001-07.

JB Grimes - Kansas Offensive Line Coach
  • Virginia Tech OL coach from 1993-97. Todd Grantham was the Hokies' defensive line coach from 1990-95.

Art Kehoe - Sacramento Mountain Lions (UFL) Offensive Line Coach
  • Began his coaching career as a student assistant at Miami in 1981 and became a graduate assistant in '82. He played for the Hurricanes in 1979 and '80. Mark Richt was a quarterback at Miami from 1978-82.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tennessee Titans Coaching Staff

Jeff Fisher needs to make some additions to his coaching staff after the firing of defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil and DL coach Jim Washburn and RB coach Craig Johnson leaving for other jobs. There is also the possibility that the Titans will look to hire a quarterbacks coach, as Dowell Loggains was promoted last minute after Kennedy Pola left for USC. Loggains will likely stay on staff, but it is unknown whether he will remain the QB coach. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Dick Jauron - Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Backs Coach
  • Detroit Lions defensive coordinator in 2004 and '05. Fred Graves coached the Lion receivers in 2005.
  • Green Bay Packers defensive backs coach from 1986-94. He was assistant defensive back coach Tim Hauck's position coach in Green Bay from 1991-94.
Dave Wannstedt - ex-Pitt Head Coach
  • Chicago Bears head coach from 1993-98. Dave McGinnis was the Bears' linebackers coach from 1986-95.
  • Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator from 1989-92. Alan Lowry was an assistant with the Cowboys from 1982-90.
Frank Bush - ex-Houston Texans Defensive Coordinator
  • Not a great DC resume judging from his time in Houston, but may be a more realistic candidate for LB coach if Dave McGinnis is promoted to coordinator.
  • LB coach for the Oilers from 1992-94 after five years as a scout for the team and a two year playing career in Houston.
  • Denver Broncos LB coach from 1995-99, where he was on staff with Mike Heimerdinger, who coached receivers. Also, Tim Hauck played for the Broncos in 1995 and '96.

Other names in consideration: Bob Slowik, Redskins; John Marshall, ex-Raiders.


Jeremy Bates - ex-Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator
  • Offensive assistant for the Denver Broncos in 2006 and '07 when Mike Heimerdinger coached QBs.
  • QB coach for the New York Jets in 2005 when Heimerdinger was the team's offensive coordinator.
Paul Hackett - Oakland Raiders Quarterbacks Coach
  • Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator from 1986-88, where he worked with Alan Lowry, who was the receivers coach.
  • QB coach at USC from 1976-80. Jeff Fisher played at USC from 1977-80.
Rich Olson - ex-Arizona State Offensive Coordinator
  • Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator in 2001 and '02, when Dave McGinnis was the Cardinals' head coach.
  • Seattle Seahawks QB coach from 1995-98. Tim Hauck played for Seattle in 1997.
  • Assistant OL coach at USC in 1977, which was Jeff Fisher's freshman year with the Trojans.


Sherman Smith - Seattle Seahawks Running Backs Coach
  • Coached the Titans/Oilers running backs from 1995-2007.
  • Wouldn't likely leave Seattle unless he is let go, which is not probable but possible with the Seahawks hiring a new offensive coordinator.
Gary Brown - Cleveland Browns Running Backs Coach
  • Played for the Oilers from 1991-95. Jeff Fisher joined the staff in '94, and Brown was a teammate of both Mike Munchak and Marcus Robertson.
Charles London - ex-Chicago Bears Offensive Quality Control Coach
  • Graduate assistant at Duke in 2004 and '05 before becoming their RB coach in 2006. Marty Galbraith was the offensive coordinator at Duke in 2004.
  • Played RB at Duke from 1994-96. John Zernhelt was the offensive line coach at Duke in 1994 and '95.


Expect the DL coach to have ties to the new defensive coordinator. Since he hasn't been hired yet, here are a few names with ties to those already on staff:

Dwaine Board, ex-Raiders; Greg Robinson, ex-Michigan; Kerry Locklin, ex-Jets; Brian Baker, ex-Panthers; Andre Patterson, UTEP.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

USC Wide Receivers Coach

John Morton has left USC to become the wide receivers coach on Jim Harbaugh's new staff with the San Francisco 49ers. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

DelVaughn Alexander - Wisconsin Wide Receivers Coach
  • Graduate assistant at USC from 1995-97 after playing receiver for the Trojans from 1991-94. During that time, both Joe Barry (91-93) and GA Sammy Knight (93-96) were players at USC. Alexander and Barry worked together as graduate assistants in 1995.

Keary Colbert - USC Graduate Assistant/Tight Ends Coach
  • Joined the staff in 2010 after a six year playing career.
  • Played at SC from 2000-03. Lane Kiffin was his position coach in 2002 and '03. Kennedy Pola and Ed Orgeron were also on staff during Colbert's playing career.

Sanjay Lal - Oakland Raiders Wide Receivers Coach
  • Offensive quality control coach for the Raiders in 2007 and '08 under head coach Lane Kiffin before becoming the WR coach in 2009.

Charlie Williams - North Carolina Wide Receivers Coach
  • WR coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996-2001. He worked with Monte Kiffin each of those six seasons and was on staff with Joe Barry in 2001.

Other names in consideration: LeCharls McDaniel, San Diego State; Alex Wood, Miami (Ohio).

Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator

Jeremy Bates has been fired as offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Norm Chow - UCLA Offensive Coordinator
  • Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator in 2006 and '07. Sherman Smith was the Titans' RB coach from 1995-2007.
  • USC offensive coordinator from 2001-05 under head coach Pete Carroll.

Jim Zorn - Baltimore Ravens Quarterbacks Coach
  • Washington Redskins head coach in 2008 and '09. Sherman Smith was his offensive coordinator both seasons.
  • Seahawks QB coach from 1997-98 and 2001-07.
  • Detroit Lions QB coach in 1999 and 2000. Worked with Pat Ruel, who was the Lions' offensive line coach in 2000.
  • Played for the Seahawks from 1976-84. Seven of those seasons were spent with Sherman Smith, who was a running back for the Seahawks from 1976-82.

Matt Cavanaugh - New York Jets Quarterbacks Coach
  • San Francisco 49ers QB coach in 1996, when Pete Carroll was the team's defensive coordinator.
  • Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator from 1999-2004, helping the team win the Super Bowl in head coach Brian Billick's 2nd season with a balding quarterback named Trent Dilfer and a slot receiver named Brandon Stokley. Seems like a good fit, if only any of that stuff actually translated to winning.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Seattle Seahawks Coaching Staff

Pete Carroll will have to make a more hires going into the off-season, as he lost three assistants to college jobs. Quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch was hired as offensive coordinator at Miami (FL), defensive line coach Dan Quinn went to Florida as their new defensive coordinator, and defensive backs coach Jerry Gray went to Texas as their assistant head coach/defensive backs coach. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:


Carl Smith - Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks Coach
  • QB coach at USC in 2004 under head coach Pete Carroll.
  • QB coach with the New England Patriots in 1997 before switching over to coaching tight ends in 1998 and '99. Carroll was the Patriots' head coach from 1997-99.
  • Offensive coordinator at North Carolina State in 1982, where Carroll was the defensive coordinator from 1980-82.
Walt Harris - California University of Pennsylvania Offensive Coordinator
  • New York Jets QB coach from 1992-94. Pete Carroll was the DC for the Jets from 1990-93 before becoming head coach in '94.
  • Offensive coordinator at Tennessee from 1983-88, where he was on staff with Kippy Brown, who coached receivers.
  • DB coach at Pacific from 1971-73, where he was Pete Carroll's position coach for two seasons.
Ron Turner - Indianapolis Colts Wide Receivers Coach
  • Head coach at Illinois from 1997-2004. Offensive quality control assistant Luke Butkus played center at Illinois from 1998-2001.
  • Played receiver at Pacific in 1975 and '76, when Pete Carroll was a graduate assistant for the team.

Other names in consideration: Norm Chow, UCLA; Pep Hamilton, Stanford.


Todd Wash - ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Line Coach
  • DL coach for the Buccaneers from 2008-10 after starting as a defensive quality control assistant in '07. Casey Bradley was an assistant with the Buccaneers from 2006-08.
  • DL coach at North Dakota State (2002-03, 2005-06). Bradley was the defensive coordinator at NDSU from 1997-2005.
  • Played at North Dakota State from 1988-91. Bradley played for the Bison from 1984-88 and returned as a graduate assistant in 1990 and '91.
John Marshall - ex-Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator
  • Seahawks assistant from 2003-08, spending the last three seasons as defensive coordinator.
  • Assistant with the San Francisco 49ers from 1989-98, working with defensive line, linebackers, and eventually became defensive coordinator in '97. Pete Carroll was the 49ers' DC in 1995 and '96, and Ken Norton Jr. was a linebacker for the team from 1994-2000.
Greg Robinson - ex-Michigan Defensive Coordinator (yes, I know Michigan's D was horrible)
  • Denver Broncos defensive coordinator from 1995-2000, where he worked with Pat McPherson from 1998-2000.
  • DL coach for the New York Jets from 1990-93, where he was on staff with Pete Carroll and Kippy Brown. He became defensive coordinator in '94 when Carroll became head coach.
  • DL coach at UCLA from 1982-88. Ken Norton Jr. played at UCLA from 1984-87.
  • Assistant at North Carolina State in 1980 and '81. Carroll was the defensive coordinator at NC State from 1980-82.
  • Assistant at Pacific in 1975 and '76 after playing there from 1972-74. Coach Carroll was a graduate assistant at Pacific from 1974-76 after playing there in 1971 and '72.

Other names in consideration: Dwaine Board, ex-Oakland Raiders; Andre Patterson, UTEP; Jethro Franklin, Miami.


Ed Donatell - Denver Broncos Defensive Backs Coach
  • Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator from 2000-03. Pat Ruel was the Packers' assistant offensive line coach in 2001 and '02.
  • Denver Broncos DB coach from 1995-99. Pat McPherson was an assistant with the Broncos from 1998-2008.
  • New York Jets DB coach from 1990-94. Pete Carroll was the Jets' defensive coordinator from 1990-93 before taking over as head coach in '94.
  • DB coach at Pacific from 1983-85. Pete Carroll was an assistant at Pacific in '83.
Kris Richard - Seattle Seahawks Assistant Defensive Backs Coach
  • Graduate assistant under Pete Carroll at USC in 2008 and '09.
  • Played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2006, where one of his teammates was Seahawks assistant special teams coach Jeff Ulbrich.
  • Played for the Seahawks from 2002-04.
  • Played at USC from 1998-2001. 2001 was Pete Carroll's first year as head coach.
Johnnie Lynn - ex-San Francisco 49ers Defensive Backs Coach
  • 49ers' DB coach from 2006-10. Kris Richard played for the 49ers in 2006 and Jeff Ulbrich was with the team from 2000-09.
  • Spent a year as the 49ers DB coach in 1996, Pete Carroll's last year as defensive coordinator before becoming the Patriots head coach.

Other names in consideration: Greg Burns, Arizona State; Rocky Seto, Seattle Seahawks

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator

Sean McDermott has been fired as defensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Dick Jauron - Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Backs Coach
  • Nine years of head coaching experience along with six seasons as a defensive coordinator.

Ken Flajole - St. Louis Rams Defensive Coordinator
  • Carolina Panthers linebackers coach from 2003-08. Mike Caldwell played LB for the Panthers in 2003.
  • Defensive assistant with the Green Bay Packers in 1998, when Andy Reid coached the quarterbacks and offensive quality control coach Doug Pederson was a backup QB with the Packers.
  • Defensive backs coach at Missouri from 1989. Andy Reid was on the Mizzou staff from 1989-91 and Marty Mornhinweg was there from 1991-93.
  • Defensive backs coach at UTEP from 1986-88. Reid coached the OL at UTEP in 1987 and '88 and Mornhinweg was a graduate assistant there in 1986 and '87.
  • Defensive coordinator at Montana from 1980-85. Marty Mornhinweg played quarterback at Montana from 1981-84 before becoming an assistant coach in 1985.

John Marshall - Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator
  • Assistant defensive line coach for the Detroit Lions in 2002, which was Marty Mornhinweg's last year as the Lions head coach.
  • Defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers in 1997 and '98. Mornhinweg was the 49ers' offensive coordinator from 1997-2000.

Todd Bowles - Miami Dolphins Defensive Backs Coach
  • Worked in the player personnel department with the Green Bay Packers in 1995 and '96, when Andy Reid was the Packers' tight ends coach.

Tim Lewis - Atlanta Falcons Defensive Backs Coach
  • Pittsburgh Steelers defensive backs coach from 1995-99. David Culley coached the Steelers wide receivers from 1996-98.
  • Played DB for the Green Bay Packers from 1983-86. Dick Jauron coached the Packer defensive backs from 1986-94.