Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UCLA Defensive Coordinator, WR Coach

Defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and wide receivers coach Reggie Moore were fired. Bullough was on the Bruins staff four four years, and Moore, a former UCLA player, was with the team for three years. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:


Tim Hundley - UCLA Defensive Backs Coach
  • DB coach at UCLA since 2009.
  • Defensive coordinator at Washington under Rick Neuheisel from 1999-2002.
  • DC under Neuheisel at Colorado from 1996-98.
  • DC at UCLA from 1990-95. Neuheisel coached receivers at UCLA from 1990-93.
Chuck Heater - Florida co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties Coach
  • Coached at Washington from 1999-2003, spending four of those seasons working under Neuheisel.
  • Coached at Colorado from 1993-98. Neuheisel was at CU from 1994-98.
  • Defensive backs coach at Ohio State from 1985-87. OL coach Bob Palcic was the OL coach at Ohio State from 1986-91.
Randall McCray - Middle Tennessee Defensive Coordinator
  • Coached at Wisconsin from 2006-09. Bob Palcic was the OL coach at Wisconsin in 2006 and '07.


Brent Brennan - San Jose State Wide Receivers Coach
  • Graduate assistant at Washington in 1999 when Neuheisel was the head coach.
  • Played receiver at UCLA from 1991-95. Neuheisel was his position coach for three seasons.
Conroy Hines - ex-North Texas Wide Receivers Coach
  • Coached at Louisiana Tech from 1992-2009. Worked with DL coach Todd Howard, who coached linebackers at LT from 2000-02.
Mike Sheppard - Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receivers Coach
  • QB coach/Offensive coordinator with the New Orleans Saints from 2002-05. OL coach Bob Palcic coached the Saints' tight ends from 2000-05.
  • Graduate assistant at BYU in 1977 and '78. Norm Chow coached at BYU from 1973-99.
Other names in consideration: Chris Wiesehan, Winnepeg (CFL); Mike Johnson, San Francisco 49ers.

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