Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boston College Offensive Coordinator

Gary Tranquill has retired as offensive coordinator at Boston College after two years. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Joe Moorhead - ex-Connecticut Offensive Coordinator
  • Offensive coordinator at Akron in 2007 and '08 after joining the Zips staff in 2004 as WR coach. Mike Dawson was the LB coach at Akron from 2006-08.
  • Graduate assistant at Pitt in 1998 and '99. Bill McGovern was the DB coach at Pitt from 1997-99 and Mike Dawson was also a GA with Moorhead in '99.

Warren Ruggiero - Bowling Green Offensive Coordinator
  • QB coach at Kansas State in 2008, where he worked with Dave Brock, who was the Wildcats' offensive coordinator.
  • QB coach at Hofstra in 2000 and '01 before becoming the offensive coordinator in 2002. Brock was the OC at Hofstra from 2000-01 before leaving for Temple.

Rob Spence - Temple Wide Receivers Coach
  • Offensive coordinator at Hofstra from 1997-99, where Dave Brock was his WR coach.
  • QB coach at Holy Cross in 1991, where he worked with Bill McGovern, who was the team's defensive backs coach.

Matt Griffin - Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Assistant
  • Recruiting coordinator at Maine from 1999-2002. Jeff Comissiong was an assistant at Maine from 2000-05 and Ben Sirmans was the RB coach there from 1996-99.

Other names in consideration: Walt Harris, California (PA); Doug Martin, ex-Kent State; Mike Groh, Louisville.

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