Monday, November 21, 2011

Arizona Coaching Staff

2008-10 Michigan, Head Coach
2001-07 West Virginia, Head Coach
1999-00 Clemson, Offensive Coordinator
1997-98 Tulane, Offensive Coordinator
1990-96 Glenville State, Head Coach
1989 West Virginia, Outside Linebackers
1988 Salem College, Head Coach
1987 Salem College, Defensive Coordinator
1985-86 West Virginia, Student Assistant

1981-84 West Virginia Defensive Back

Rich Rodriguez is the new head football coach at the University of Arizona. One of the most important things a new coach must do (in addition to recruiting duties) is assemble a staff. The defensive struggles at Michigan were well documented, so hiring a good defensive coordinator is key. The coaching tree struggled finding any solid candidates for the DC position, so that will be a very interesting hire. That being said, we were able to put together a decent list of position coaches. Once coordinators are hired, we'll have an updated list for you based on their connections. For now, here are our possibilities for Rich Rodriguez' new staff for the 2012 Arizona Wildcats:

* = potential candidate for coordinator position


Frank Scelfo* - Arizona Quarterbacks Coach
  • QB coach at Arizona in 2010 and '11.
  • TE coach at Tulane from 1996-98. Worked with Rich Rodriguez in 1997 and '98 and replaced him as offensive coordinator at Tulane in '99.
Rod Smith* - Indiana Offensive Coordinator
  • QB coach at Michigan from 2008-10.
  • QB coach at West Virginia in 2007.
  • Played quarterback at Glenville State from 1993-96, where Rodriguez was his head coach.


Jahmile Addae - Cincinnati Running Backs Coach
  • Graduate assistant at Michigan in 2008 and '09.
  • GA at West Virginia in 2007.
  • Played defensive Back at WVU from 2001-05.
Willie Simmons - ex-Middle Tennessee State Offensive Coordinator
  • Played QB at Clemson from 2000-02 (Rodriguez was his OC his freshman year).
Calvin Magee* - Pitt Offensive Coordinator
  • Offensive coordinator at Michigan from 2008-10.
  • Coached at West Virginia from 2001-07, starting as RB coach and becoming OC in 2005.


Tony Dews - Pitt Tight Ends Coach
  • WR coach at Michigan from 2008-10.
  • WR coach at West Virginia in 2007. Was a graduate assistant for the Mountaineers in 2000 and '01.
Garret Chachere - Arizona Inside Wide Receivers Coach
  • Coached at Arizona since 2009.
  • LB coach at Tulane from 1999-2006. Never worked on staff with Rodriguez, but did work with Frank Scelfo each of those years. Scelfo was an assistant under Rodriguez at Tulane, so will likely be retained on staff.


Bill Legg - Marshall Offensive Coordinator
  • Played offensive line at West Virginia from 1981-85 and was a graduate assistant in 1986 and '87.
Herb Hand* - Vanderbilt Offensive Line Coach
  • TE coach at West Virginia from 2001-06.
  • Graduate assistant at Clemson in 1999 and 2000.
  • Defensive coordinator at Glenville State from 1994-96.
Greg Frey - Indiana Offensive Line Coach
  • Offensive line coach at Michigan from 2008-10.
  • OL coach at West Virginia in 2007.


Bruce Tall - Charlotte Defensive Coordinator
  • DL coach at Michigan from 2008-10.
  • Coached safeties at West Virginia from 2003-07.
Bill Kirelawich - West Virginia Defensive Line Coach
  • Has been on staff at West Virginia since 1979. Worked with Rodriguez from 2001-07 and was an assistant during Rodriguez' playing career in the 80's.


Ron West - Illinois Outside Linebackers Coach
  • Coached outside linebackers at Clemson from 1999-2008 (1999 and '00 w/Rodriguez).
  • OL coach at Tulane in 1997 and '98.
Jeff Casteel* - West Virginia Defensive Coordinator
  • Coached at West Virginia since 2001 (DL in '01, LB in '02, DC since '03). Coached with Rodriguez from 2001-07.
Jay Hopson - ex-Memphis Defensive Coordinator
  • LB coach at Michigan in 2008 and '09.


Tony Gibson - Pitt Defensive Backs Coach
  • Coached defensive backs and special teams at Michigan from 2008-10.
  • DB coach at West Virginia from 2001-07.
  • DB coach at Glenville State in 1996, where he also played DB from 1990-93.
David Lockwood - West Virginia Cornerbacks Coach
  • Graduate assistant at West Virginia in 1989.
  • Played DB at WVU from 1985-88. Rodriguez was a DB for the Mountaineers from 1981-84 and was a student assistant in 1985 and '86.

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