Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Iowa Defensive Line Coach

Rick Kaczenski has left Iowa and reportedly will be the new defensive line coach at Nebraska.  Here is our list of some possible replacements as the Hawkeyes' DL coach:

Ron Aiken - Arizona Cardinals Defensive Line Coach
  • DL coach at Iowa from 1999-2006, Kirk Ferentz' first eight years as head coach at Iowa.
  • DL coach at Vanderbilt in 1995 and '96, where he worked on staff with Eric Johnson, who was a graduate assistant for the Commodores.
  • Would more than likely have to be named defensive coordinator in order to be lured back to Iowa.

Bob Fraser - Rutgers Defensive Coordinator
  • LB coach at Allegheny College in 1997 under head coach Ken O'Keefe.
  • DL coach at Holy Cross from 1992-95, where he worked with Iowa strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, who was the team's offensive line coach.
  • Graduate assistant at Allegheny College in 1985 and '86.  O'Keefe came to Allegheny as OL coach in 1986.
  • Rutgers Defense 2011 Rankings (and Iowa's rank):
    • Run D - 57 (64)
    • Pass D - 11 (68)
    • Total D - 14 (67)
    • Scoring D - 12 (42)
    • Turnovers Forced - 5 (37)
  • Would likely have to be named defensive coordinator to bring him in.

Chris Rippon - Marshall Defensive Coordinator
  • Coached at Syracuse from 1992-2004.  Lester Erb was an assistant at Syracuse from 1994-96 and Erik Campbell was the WR coach in '94. 

William Inge - Buffalo Defensive Coordinator
  • Worked as the recruiting coordinator at Iowa from 1998-2000, spending two years on Kirk Ferentz' staff.
  • Played DL at Iowa from 1993-96.

Carlton Hall - Houston Defensive Line Coach
  • Played linebacker at Vanderbilt from 1994-97, where Eric Johnson worked as director of football operations (1994) and graduate assistant (1995-98).  Also, retiring Iowa DC Norm Parker was his position coach at Vandy.

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