Monday, January 9, 2012

Penn State Coaching Staff

Bill O'Brien has been hired as the new head coach at Penn State.  He hasn't wasted much time putting together his staff, already hiring six of his nine assistant coaches.  Here is a look at who has been hired and their connections to O'Brien, as well as our projections for the three remaining openings on the staff:

* = projected hire

George Godsey - New England Patriots Offensive Assistant
  • Worked with Bill O'Brien with the Patriots in 2011.
  • Played quarterback at Georgia Tech from 1997-2000.  O'Brien was an assistant with the Yellow Jackets from 1995-2002 and new DC Ted Roof was the team's defensive coordinator from 1999-2001.
  • Would be OC in name only.  Expect O'Brien to call the plays.


Charles London - Penn State Running Backs Coach
  • RB coach at Duke in 2006 after working as a graduate assistant for the Blue Devils in 2004 and '05.  Bill O'Brien was the offensive coordinator at Duke in 2005 and '06, while Ted Roof was the team's head coach and new offensive line coach John Strollo was the OL coach.


Stan Hixon - Penn State Wide Receivers Coach
  • WR coach at Georgia Tech from 1995-99.  Bill O'Brien was a graduate assistant at GT from 1995-97 until being promoted to RB coach in '98.


Ray Rychleski - ex-Indianapolis Colts Special Teams Coach
  • Coached special teams as well as tight ends at Maryland from 2001-07.  Bill O'Brien coached running backs at Maryland in 2003 and '04.
  • Was on staff at Wake Forest from 1993-2000, where he coached multiple positions.  New WR coach Stan Hixon was the RB coach at Wake in 1993 and '94.
  • Was a graduate assistant at Penn State in 1991.  


John Strollo - Penn State Offensive Line Coach
  • Coached tight ends at Duke in 2005 and took over the offensive line in 2006 and '07.  Bill O'Brien was the Blue Devils offensive coordinator in 2005 and '06.
  • OL coach at UMass from 1991-95.  Ted Roof was an assistant at UMass from 1994-96.


Ted Roof - Penn State Defensive Coordinator
  • Head coach at Duke from 2003-07.  Bill O'Brien was his offensive coordinator in 2005 and '06, Charles London was on his staff as a GA and RB coach from 2004-06, and John Strollo was his TE coach in 2005 and OL coach in 2006 and '07.
  • Defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech from 1999-2001, where he worked on staff with O'Brien adn one season with Stan Hixon.
  • Worked on staff at UMass with John Strollo in 1994 and '95.


Larry Johnson - Penn State Defensive Line Coach
  • Has been on the Penn State staff since 1996.


Ron Vanderlinden - Penn State Linebackers Coach
  • Has been on the Penn State staff since 2001.


Paul Ferraro - ex-St. Louis Rams Linebackers Coach
  • DB coach at Georgia Tech in 1999 and 2000, where he worked on staff with Bill O'Brien, Ted Roof, and one year with Stan Hixon.

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