Thursday, December 30, 2010

West Virginia Offensive Line Coach

Offensive coordinator Jeff Mullen and offensive line coach Dave Johnson will not return in 2011. Dana Holgorsen has been named offensive coordinator and will take over as head coach in 2012. Assuming Holgorsen will be given the choice of an offensive line coach, the coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Robert Anae - ex-BYU offensive coordinator
  • Offensive line coach at Texas Tech from 2000-04. Dana Holgorsen was the QB coach at Texas Tech from 2000-04 before becoming the OC in '05.

Brandon Jones - East Carolina Offensive Line Coach
  • Graduate assistant at Texas Tech in 2007 and '08. Holgorsen was in his last year as offensive coordinator at Tech in '07.
  • Played offensive line at Texas Tech from 2002-05, with Holgorsen as the OC/QB coach.

Matt Moore - Texas Tech Offensive Line Coach
  • OL coach at TTU from 2007-present. Coached with Holgorsen in '07, his last year as OC at Tech.
  • Played offensive line at Valdosta State from 1991-94. Holgorsen was the QB coach at Valdosta State from 1993-95.

BJ Anderson - Houston Offensive Line Coach
  • OL coach at Houston in 2009 and '10. Holgorsen was the offensive coordinator at Houston in 2008 and '09.

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  1. The name I've heard was Bill Bedenbaugh at Arizona. That's an interesting pool of candidates though. Care to speculate at all with the newly vacant RB/SR (formerly Chris Beatty) and TE (formerly Dave McMichael) positions?

    See the most recent report here: