Thursday, January 6, 2011

Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator

Bill Davis has been fired as defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals after two seasons leading Ken Whisenhunt's defense. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Todd Bowles - Miami Dolphins Defensive Backs Coach
  • Dallas Cowboys DB coach from 2005-07. Freddie Kitchens was the Cowboys' TE coach in 2006.
  • New York Jets DB coach in 2000, when Ken Whisenhunt coached the Jets tight ends.
  • Played for the Washington Redskins from 1986-90 and again in 1992 and '93. Whisenhunt played for the Redskins in 1989 and '90 and Russ Grimm played there from 1981-91 before becoming an assistant coach in 1992. Grimm coached in Washington from 1992-2000.

Mike Nolan - Miami Dolphins Defensive Coordinator
  • Assistant coach for the Baltimore Ravens from 2001-04. Donnie Henderson coached the Ravens defensive backs from 1999-2003.
  • Defensive coordinator for the New York Jets in 2000, when Ken Whisenhunt was the tight ends coach.
  • Defensive coordinator for the Redskins from 1997-99, When Russ Grimm was the team's offensive line coach.

Tim Lewis - Atlanta Falcons Defensive Backs Coach
  • Assistant coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1995-2003, becoming the defensive coordinator in 2000. Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Miller, Russ Grimm, and Kevin Spencer were each on the Steelers staff with Lewis at some point.
  • Played at Pitt from 1979-82, where he played with Russ Grimm for two seasons.

Darren Perry - Green Bay Packers Defensive Backs Coach
  • Coached defensive backs for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2003-06, where he worked with Ken Whisenhunt, Mike Miller, Russ Grimm, Matt Raich, and Kevin Spencer.
  • Played safety at Penn State from 1988-91. John McNulty was also a safety at Penn State, where he played from 1988-90.

Greg Manusky - San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator
  • Played for the Washington Redskins from 1988-90, where he was a teammate to Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm.

Bob Slowik - Washington Redskins Defensive Backs Coach
  • Coached the Denver Broncos defensive backs in 2005 and '06 before taking over as defensive coordinator in 2007 and '08. His son Ryan, who is a defensive quality control assistant for the Cardinals, was a defensive assistant with the Broncos from 2005-08.
  • Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator in 1999, when Ken Whisenhunt was the Browns' special teams coach.

Jerry Gray - Seattle Seahawks Defensive Backs Coach
  • Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator in 2004 and '05. Mike Miller was the Bills TE coach from 2004-05.

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