Thursday, January 6, 2011

Memphis Running Backs Coach

Sedrick Irvin was fired after his first season as running backs coach at Memphis. The coaching tree has come up with the following potential replacements:

Wardell Smith - Omaha Nighthawks (UFL) Running Backs Coach
  • East Carolina RB coach from 2005-09. Don Yanowsky coached tight ends and special teams at ECU in 2006.
  • RB coach at Illinois State in 1998 and '99. Galen Scott played linebacker at Illinois State from 1997-2000 before becoming and assistant coach at the school.

Alex Gerke - ex-Utah State Offensive Line Coach
  • Coached at Utah State in 2009 and '10. Kevin McGivern was the quarterbacks coach at Utah State in '09.
  • Offensive line coach at Weber State in 2006 and '07, where McGivern was the offensive coordinator from 2006-08.

Jamaal Fobbs - Tennessee-Chattanooga Running Backs Coach
  • Graduate assistant at LSU in 2005, which was Larry Porter's first year as RB coach at LSU.

Jerry McManus - Kent State Running Backs/Special Teams Coach
  • RB coach at East Carolina from 1996-2004. Don Yanowsky coached the defensive line at ECU in 2001 and '02.

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