Wednesday, December 21, 2011

South Carolina Defensive Coordinator

Ellis Johnson has left to become the new head coach at Southern Miss.  All of our candidates are DB coaches, while Ellis Johnson was a LB coach.  That would cause some possible shifting in the staff to fill the gaps, such as:
    • Add LBs to John Butler's responsibilities in addition to special teams.
    • Move Jeep Hunter to coach RBs and TEs, replacing Jay Graham, have Zook coach safeties, and hire a new LB coach.
Here are our three potential candidates to replace Johnson at South Carolina:

Ron Cooper - LSU Defensive Backs Coach
  • Was on staff at South Carolina from 2004-08 before leaving for LSU.
  • Was a graduate assistant at Appalachian State in 1983, where Brad Lawing was the team's TE coach.

Ron Zook - ex-Illinois Head Coach
  • Worked on Steve Spurrier's staff at Florida from 1991-95, as defensive coordinator from 1991-93 and the special teams coach in 1994 and '95.

Mike Stoops - ex-Arizona Head Coach
  • Defensive coordinator at Oklahoma from 1999-2003.  Steve Spurrier Jr. was the Sooners' WR coach from 1999-2001.  
  • Stoops is also a DB coach, so the same shifting would have to take place as seen above with Zook.

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