Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Atlanta Falcons Defensive Coordinator

Brian VanGorder has left the Falcons staff to take a position as defensive coordinator at Auburn.  Here is a list of potential candidates to fill the Falcons DC opening:

Jack Del Rio - ex-Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach
  • Served as the Jaguars head coach from 2003-11.  Mike Smith was his defensive coordinator from 2003-07 before becoming the Falcons head coach.  Ray Hamilton, Alvin Reynolds, and Paul Boudreau also spent time on Del Rio's staff in Jacksonville.
  • Defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers in 2002.  Alvin Reynolds was a defensive assistant with the team and Paul Boudreau was the Panthers' OL coach.
  • LB coach for the Baltimore Ravens from 1999-2001.  Mike Smith was the Ravens' DL coach at the time and took over as LB coach when Del Rio left for the Panthers.   

Todd Bowles - Miami Dolphins Interim Head Coach
  • Coached defensive backs for the Cleveland Browns from 2001-04, where he worked on staff with both Ray Hamilton and Terry Robiskie.
  • DB coach for the New York Jets in 2000.  Ray Hamilton was the Jets' DL coach.
  • Played defensive back at Temple from 1982-85.  ST coach Keith Armstrong was a defensive back at Temple from 1983-86.  

Sal Sunseri - Alabama Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coach
  • DL coach for the Carolina Panthers from 2002-08.  He worked on staff with Alvin Reynolds and Paul Boudreau in 2002 and with Tim Lewis in 2007 and '08 when Lewis coached the Panthers DBs.
  • Played linebacker at Pitt from 1978-81.  His teammates included Tim Lewis (1979-82) and Falcons assistant OL coach Paul Dunn (1978-82).  

Darren Perry - Green Bay Packers Safeties Coach
  • Assistant defensive backs coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2003, where he worked with Tim Lewis and Mike Mularkey, who were the Steelers defensive and offensive coordinators, respectively.
  • Coached safeties for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2002, where Bob Bratkowski was the offensive coordinator.
  • Played safety for the Steelers from 1992-98.  Mularkey was on staff as TE coach Perry's last three seasons, and Tim Lewis was his position coach from 1995-98. 

Mike Nolan - Miami Dolphins Defensive Coordinator
  • Was on the Baltimore Ravens staff starting in 2001 as WR coach and from 2002-04 as defensive coordinator.  Mike Smith was the Ravens DL coach from 1999-2001 before moving to LB coach in '02.
  • Spent the 2000 season as the New York Jets defensive coordinator, where he worked with Ray Hamilton, who coached the defensive line.
  • Defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins from 1997-99.  Terry Robiskie was the Redskins' WR coach from 1994-2000.  

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