Friday, January 6, 2012

Troy Defensive Tackles Coach

Mo Crain is out as the defensive tackles coach at Troy.  It is more difficult to find candidates for a position that isn't even a full position coach, because in general a DL coach wouldn't come to be a DT coach.  That being said, don't be surprised to see a shakeup in the staff, such as demoting Jeremy Rowell to DB coach or possibly bringing in a Co-defensive coordinator.  Here are a few names that may be worth looking at:

Tyrone Nix - ex-Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator
  • Was on staff at Southern Miss from 1996-2004 including four seasons as defensive coordinator after playing for the team from 1990-93.  Randy Butler was the DL coach at Southern Miss from 1993-2007.
  • If hired, he would probably have to be offered at least Co-DC position, maybe even the sole coordinator spot, meaning a demotion for Jeremy Rowell.  If named DC, look for Randy Butler to take over the full defensive line.     

Tyson Summers - ex-UAB Safeties/Special Teams Coach
  • Coached safeties at Georgia Southern in 2006, where Jeff Beckles was the team's WR coach.
  • Graduate assistant at Georgia in 2005, where he also worked with Beckles, who was a GA for the Bulldogs in 2004 and '05.
  • GA at Troy in 2004.
  • If hired, expect Summers to coach safeties, Jeremy Rowell to focus on corners, and Randy Butler taking the full defensive line.

Joe Robinson - ex-North Carolina Defensive Line Coach
  • Coached defensive line, linebackers, and special teams at Southern Miss from 1992-98, spending six of those years on staff with Randy Butler.
  • Has never been a defensive coordinator, but is a highly respected special teams coach as well as a very good DL coach.  Maybe offering a shot as a DC could bring him to Troy.

Phil Zacharias - ex-Central Michigan Assistant Coach
  • Coached at CMU in 2009, where he worked on staff with Jeff Beckles, who was the team's RB coach.
  • Has experience coaching defensive line and linebackers, and potentially fit right into the open defensive tackles position.
  • Is currently coaching high school football in Maryland, so who knows if he's looking to get back into the college game.

George Ricumstrict - Central Missouri Linebackers/Special Teams Coach
  • Coached linebackers and special teams at Central Michigan from 2000-03.  He worked on staff with Jeff Beckles in '03.
  • Ricumstrict coached defensive ends at Indiana in 2009 and '10, and could fit into the opening as DT coach.

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