Thursday, February 9, 2012

Colorado State Defensive Coordinator

Jim McElwain has almost completed his coaching staff as he enters his first season as head coach at Colorado State.  The only remaining hire is at defensive coordinator.  Here is a look at some potential candidates to fill that role:

Kevin Steele - ex-Clemson Defensive Coordinator
  • Defensive coordinator at Clemson from 2009-11.  He spent two seasons on staff with Billy Napier, who was the offensive coordinator at Clemson in 2009 and '10.
  • Defensive coordinator at Alabama in 2007 and '08.  Jim McElwain came to Bama as offensive coordinator in 2008.
  • Head coach at Baylor from 1999-2002.  Dave Baldwin was his offensive coordinator in 2002.

Tim Hundley - ex-UCLA Defensive Backs Coach
  • DB coach at UCLA from 2009-11.  Alvis Whitted was an offensive assistant with the Bruins this past season.
  • Defensive coordinator at UTEP from 2004-07, where he worked with Tim Duffie, who coached linebackers and safeties for the when he worked with Hundley.

Steve Stripling - Cincinnati Defensive Line Coach
  • DL coach at Michigan State in 2003 and '04, where he worked on staff with Jim McElwain, who coached receivers and special teams, as well as Dave Baldwin, who was the Spartans offensive coordinator.
  • DL coach at Louisville in 2001 and '02.  McElwain coached receivers and special teams at Louisville from 2000-02.

Chris Smeland - Army Co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties Coach
  • Defensive coordinator at Michigan State from 2003-06, where he worked on staff with Jim McElwain and Dave Baldwin.
  • Defensive coordinator at Louisville from 1998-2002.  He worked with McElwain for three seasons on that staff.

Nick Holt - ex-Washington Defensive Coordinator
  • DL coach at Louisville from 1998-2000.  His last year at Louisville was Jim McElwain's first on staff as WR/special teams coach.

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