Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Miami (FL) Off. Coordinator - QB/RB Coach

Al Golden has been hired as head coach at Miami. He hasn't wasted much time putting his staff together, having already retained three coaches and hired four more. With 7 of the 9 assistants hired, Golden is still in need of a quarterbacks coach and a running backs coach, one of which will also likely be the offensive coordinator. The coaching tree has come up with some potential candidates for the open positions:

* = candidate for offensive coordinator


Matt Rhule* - Temple Offensive Coordinator
  • OC at Temple the last three seasons under Al Golden. Also spent one season as QB coach and another year coaching defensive line for the Owls.
John McNulty* - Arizona Cardinals Wide Receivers Coach
  • Played at Penn State from 1988-90, where he played with Al Golden and defensive coordinator Matt D'Onofrio.
Mike Groh* - Louisville Quarterbacks Coach
  • Coached receivers, quarterbacks, and was the offensive coordinator while at Virginia from 2001-08. Al Golden was the defensive coordinator at Virginia from 2001-05.
Other names in consideration: Kevin Rogers, Minnesota Vikings; Rob Spence, Temple.


David Walker - Pitt Running Backs Coach
  • RB coach at Pitt from 2005-10. Coached with Aubrey Hill from 2005-07 when Hill coached receivers at Pitt.
  • RB coach at Syracuse from 1995-2004. Coached with OL coach Jeff Stoutland from 1997-99.
Todd McNair - ex-USC Running Backs Coach
  • Coached with new TE coach Brennan Carroll and new defensive line coach Jethro Franklin at USC. McNair was at USC from 2004-09, while Carroll was there from 2002-09 and Franklin in 2005.
  • Played for the Oilers in the NFL in 1994 and '95. LB coach Micheal Barrow played for the Oilers from 1993-96.
  • Played at Temple. There is no connection in timeline to Al Golden, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have both been at Temple.
Gary Brown - Cleveland Browns Running Backs Coach
  • Played for the Oilers from 1991-95. Played three of those years with Micheal Barrow.
  • Played at Penn State from 1987-90. Played with Al Golden new defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio.
Other names in consideration: Carl Franks, USF; Stan Drayton, Florida; Tyree Foreman, Temple.

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  1. I'm pretty confident in predicting that NONE of these names will be hired for either position.