Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ole Miss Coaching Staff

Hugh Freeze has been hired as head coach at Ole Miss. He has already hired five assistants from Arkansas State: Dave Wommack, Grant Heard, Maurice Harris, Chris Kiffin, and Tom Allen. The coaching tree has put together some potential candidates to fill the coaching staff:


Derrick Nix - Ole Miss Running Backs Coach
  • Has worked on the Rebels' staff since 2008.
  • Played RB at Southern Miss from 1998-2002. Dave Wommack was on the USM staff from 1994-2000.


Gunter Brewer - Ole Miss Wide Receivers Coach
  • Came to Ole Miss prior to the 2011 season from Oklahoma State.
  • Graduate assistant at Ole Miss in 1988 and '89.
Noel Mazzone - Arizona State Offensive Coordinator
  • Offensive coordinator at Ole Miss from 1994-98 and again in 2005. In '05, Hugh Freeze was the team's assistant director of football operations and QB coach Grant Heard was a GA for the Rebels. Heard also played for three years under Mazzone and went with him as a GA at North Carolina State in 2004.


Chris Kapilovic - Southern Miss Offensive Line Coach
  • OL coach at Alabama State from 2001-05. Maurice Harris was the RB coach at Alabama State in 2004 and '05 before coming to Ole Miss as assistant director of football operations in 2006.
Mike Markuson - Ole Miss Offensive Line Coach
  • OL coach at Ole Miss since 2008.
  • OL coach at Arkansas from 1998-2007, where he worked on staff with Dave Wommack for four seasons.
JB Grimes - Kansas Offensive Line Coach
  • Was a graduate assistant at Arkansas with Dave Wommack in 1981 and '82.


Chris Vaughn - Ole Miss Safeties Coach
  • Has coached at Ole Miss the last four seasons.
  • Coached at Arkansas from 1999-2007. Dave Wommack was the Razorbacks' DB coach in 2001 and was the defensive coordinator from 2002-04.
Jay Hopson - ex-Memphis Defensive Coordinator
  • Defensive coordinator at Southern Miss from 2005-07, where he worked with Wommack, who was the LB coach in '07.
Keith Burns - Ole Miss Cornerbacks Coach
  • Played DB at Arkansas from 1979-82. Dave Wommack was a graduate assistant for the Razorbacks during the same time span.

Other names in consideration: Grady Brown, Southern Miss; Charles Clark, San Jose State; Kim Dameron, Cornell University.

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